Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December Virtual Meeting and a New Years Wish

This month the Paris Poets Society was unable to meet due to conflicting schedules so we are going to have a "virtual" meeting here on the blog. If you would like to add something of your own in the comments please feel free to join in the fun! The Paris Poets Society wishes everyone a very Happy New Year. This year make something beautiful. To make beauty you must see beauty. To see beauty is to know joy. We wish you joy.

Out For The Holidays

Released from their confines
of glass and tin,
their aromas poured into
the relish tray
brought out only on occasion
Pitted olives and gherkins
announce the season- their
black and greens
against the white table cloth, spread
for us and others

It was the candles
shaped like trees trimmed in silver
set on the sill- their languishing flame
that ushered out Christmas Day
unlike the olives and gherkins
that marched forth into the foray-
their black and greens
against the starkness of our every day.

Sherry Scott


The car
            And British
The woman
        And Beautiful
            The smile
    * * * * * * * *
Blue Jaguar, tan seats,
    Pretty woman, blond
        Maybe fifty
Her man came up
    "Nice car,"
"His first love,"
    She said.
"Maybe his second,"
        I said.
"Had a car I liked better,"
        He said.
"You see that MGB-GT?
    Had it since '73 -
        Bought it new."
My woman was blond
    And beautiful
        Like yours.
Now I have the car
    And she is gone.
I would give the car
    And all I have for
        One ride with her again.
Tell her she is beautiful
    Tell her you love her
And drive that car
    Man, drive

Greg Hines, Brother of Sharda Brody


Photo by Tommy Stone

And Venus Watched the Sunset

a single tear
traverses a soft cheek
faraway goddess floating alone
in deepest blue cannot compete
gently clouded by shadow
sunset flames leave Venus
cold and solitary
jealous of a darkened earth

Dee Martin

I found it! I looked for this and was afraid I didn't save it. It is a collaboration poem where alternating stanzas were written by Tommy Stone and myself.

Photo by Tommy Stone

Bold words Are Tommy's

Alone I stand
a Sentinel to Time
Cold, consequence

but even in the dark
my light glows
I will hold it inside
a gentle spark
waiting for the sun

and on the Rise,
I will take to Flight
to roost anew
another night!

and when again
the Cycle's run
I will wait again
for the Blessed Sun!

the rise and fall
is all I know
as seasons come and go
the business of my life is such
till sky becomes
my final home

I stand my guard
but with a greater view
For always before
and always hence
my soul will soar
with you!

 Blessings everyone!


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